Saturday, March 3, 2012

1.  If Beethoven's Sonata "Pathetique" is playing from my website, pause it.  Now watch and listen to this video.

2.  Now restart Pathetique -- or right click on this link and "Open in New Tab" -- if that music has not started yet.

3.  After the music starts, replay the above video with the speakers muted. Then – and only then – read the following blog entry, which expands my view of the above theory even further. Don’t worry. You will get it at the end.

I have come to believe in a universe that has a simple, underlying, fundamental truth at it's essence. That truth is -- in it's most essential form -- that no other possibility exists. Things are the way they are because it is the only way they can be. However, this essential form is grossly misunderstood by Man, who has a tendency to bring matters unto himself and reduce the universe into a small package that he can get his head around. Truth is, this essential form is greatly obscured toward its core -- as the universe contracts into a black hole -- and all matters become chaotic and more sophisticated. No, this essential form exists in it's purest form at the outer limits, when the universe has expanded toward its limits of expansion -- after the cataclysmic, big-bang -- following its implosion into that black hole and the subsequent explosion into (almost) eternal expansion. At that limit things become very cold and motionless -- as in eternal death of everything that ever existed -- except for the essential nature -- when all matter finds it's soul. That soul speaks and says,"I am" -- and a new age is born. Expansion reverses into contraction, and we begin again.

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